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Personalized, easy-to-follow, doctor guided programs that won't break the bank

Meet our local experts at our wellness clinic, including specialized integrative doctors with a focus on weight management, nutraceuticals, hormone therapy and aesthetic injectables. Start your wellness journey with our experienced, dedicated team, and take the first step towards achieving your weight loss goals. Let us help build the best version of you!

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Why We Stand Out

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Medically Proven Solutions

Our US weight loss clinic prescribes proven medications for effective, long-term results. Quality ensured, drugs are made in a US FDA-certified facility. Begin your journey to the best you

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Seamless Patient Experience

Partnering with digital platforms, we offer seamless patient experiences with a mobile app, E-labs, 3D scans, personalized nutraceuticals, and more.

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Your Local Professionals

As a local clinic in Palm Beach Gardens, meet our amazing team and become part of our supportive family, guiding you every step of your journey.

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Weight Loss, Done Right

Holistic wellness is more than weight loss. Our approach includes nutrition, exercise plans, mental health, and stress management. We offer GLP-1 meds including semaglutide and tirzepatide, as well additional services at our clinic, aiming not just to shed pounds, but to embrace a healthier lifestyle.


Digital Experience

Experience a streamlined weight loss journey with our proud partnership with GetHealthie, an innovative digital platform. With GetHealthie, you'll gain instant access to personalized nutrition plans, advanced goal tracking, and real-time communication with our dedicated health professionals - all at your fingertips. Forget about traditional paperwork; it's time to embrace a comprehensive, holistic approach to weight loss. Step into a transformative health journey with the cutting-edge GetHealthie platform and assume confident control of your health and wellness. Begin with Lynova Wellness today to unlock a healthier, brighter future

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Cutting-edge Body Analysis

Discover the future of body analysis with the Styku Body Scanner at Lynova Wellness. This cutting-edge technology provides precise measurements, visual progress tracking, and realistic goal setting for your weight loss journey. By capturing thousands of data points, it offers comprehensive insights into your body composition. Our expert healthcare providers utilize this information to personalize your treatment plan, optimizing your results. Witness your transformation as you track changes in body composition and stay motivated throughout the process. Experience the power of advanced body analysis by scheduling your consultation at our clinic today.

Our ethos

Centered around genuine weight loss solutions, we ditch fads for real medications and real results. With a scientific approach, our GLP-1 medications offer a safe, effective path to weight loss. We're committed to your overall well-being, providing personalized strategies, expert guidance, and a dedicated team for a transformative journey.

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